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Introducing Our Next Generation Swim Training Web-App


[1/9] Instant access to all of Swim Smooth's coaching video and training plans from any internet connected device. Any time, any place.

[2/9] The new Coaching System is incredibly easy to use and it's intelligent, tailoring our coaching perfectly for your level of ability. What's more it adapts for your needs as you (quickly) improve!

[3/9] Our complete drill set filmed from every angle. Use our unique interface to switch between views and get an all-round appreciation of every position and movement.

[4/9] Identify and understand your Swim Type to explain what is holding you back in the water and what you (individually) need to do to move forwards. Our full detailed development process is included for every Swim Type.

[5/9] All of Swim Smooth's stroke correction methods are included. Follow these proven step by step processes to identify and correct faults in your stroke.

[6/9] Studies of 15 World-Class swimmers and triathletes are included, all filmed in incredible high definition. Includes Double Olympic Gold Medallist Rebecca Adlington (shown above).

[7/9] Over 300 training sessions to follow organised into 12 structured training plans. Follow a plan to prepare you perfectly for your big event.

[8/9] Every training plan includes all relevant drill and coaching video embedded within it, showing you exactly what you need to do within each session. Each training session is printable too.

[9/9] An extensive section on becoming a great open water swimmer is included. Develop and practise your sighting, turning and drafting skills, and you ability to accurately navigate round a course and swim straight.

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Also check out our Stroke Animations app! *

* A stand-alone app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
(seperate to the Swim Smooth Coaching System Web-App)

90 SPM
half speed
quarter speed


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Use our unique animations Mr Smooth and Miss Swinger to
understand great stroke technique and improve your own.

Two stroke styles -
which is right for you?

View from eight
different angles.

Slow motion, forward
and rewind frame by frame.

Detailed stroke technique
advice included.

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Start Using Swim Smooth Know How!

The Swim Smooth website is packed with free advice on all areas of stroke technique.
Use it to get a basic understanding of swimming and try out some of our coaching:

Also see our Know How Indexes: Beginners Intermediates Advanced Coaches


Breathing Technique


Core Control


Exhalation Technique


Posture And Alignment


Body Roll / Rotation


Core Control


Catch And Pull


Kick Technique


Catch And Pull


Exhalation Technique

What's your SWIM TYPE?

Swim Smooth's SWIM TYPES is a unique way of looking at swimming
that shows you the six distinct styles in which people swim freestyle.

Identify your type and we'll show you how to swim faster and more
efficiently given your body type, strength, gender and experience.

EVERYONE SHOULDN'T SWIM THE SAME WAY! Discover your type at: www.swimtypes.com



Plenty of power, needs more control.

Personality: Frustrated



More confidence and rhythm required.

Personality: Anxious



Needs a leap of faith to move from leg to upper body propulsion.

Personality: Aloof



Overdoing stroke length has led this swimmer down a cul-de-sac.

Personality: Analytical



Experienced swimmer with lots of rhythm needs a tune-up.

Personality: No nonsense



Looks brilliant but needs more rhythm in open water?

Personality: Laid back

Take your swimming to the next level with one of our Coaching Products:


The best selling swimming book in the world packed with information and methods to improve every aspect of your swimming!

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A sophisticated virtual coach to help you discover, understand - and most importantly - apply all of our award-winning coaching, wherever you are.

The new gold standard in Swim Coaching!

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For those who cannot yet swim freestyle. Follow our simple 10 Step Process to swim your first laps of freestyle!

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Bespoke stroke correction guides for your individual stroke technique.

(Also contained in the Swim Smooth Coaching System)

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> Visit the Swim Smooth Shop for other tools to improve your swimming

See A Swim Smooth Certified Coach

Offering the world's best video analysis and stroke correction service. Developed in Perth, Australia and now available to you around the world.


Find your local coach and book a session: here

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HUUB wetuits is Swim Smooth's wetsuit range designed using all of our stroke technique knowledge and experience.

Each design is tuned by Swim Smooth to your individual stroke technique needs to give you maximum performance (and comfort) in your races.

Choose HUUB and join the best athletes in the world including The Brownlee Brothers, Frederik Van Lierde, Richard Varga and Helen Jenkins.

Full Suit Guide

The HUUB Archimedes 2 - raced by Olympian Richard Murray

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Swimming * Isn't * Rocket Science!

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Looking to improve your freestyle swimming? You're in the right place!

Swim Smooth is the world's leading swimming coaching company, giving you practical straightforward steps to start improving your swimming today.

We promise you:

  • Simple and straightforward coaching to make you a faster and more efficient swimmer.
  • A truly individual approach focused on your individual needs.
  • Amazingly effective results for all levels of swimmer from beginner to elite competitor.
  • A system used by hundreds of thousands of swimmers and coaches around the world.

Whether you're a beginner learning freestyle, an intermediate swimmer working on improving your speed or an elite athlete looking to dominate the field. If you've tried to improve your swimming before but failed, you're in the right place.

Learning to swim freestyle is so rewarding!

Beginner Swimmers

Hi and welcome to Swim Smooth! Would you love to be able to swim freestyle easily up and down the pool? Wondering if you could ever really do it? We believe that anyone can, with the right help.

Swim Smooth will lead you through learning the good stroke technique step by step and help overcome any anxiety or fear you might have.

First out we recommend you take a look at the Beginner Know-How area right here on this website. You'll pick up plenty of tips to move you quickly forwards.

If you can't swim freestyle at all then our complete solution for you is our inspirational Learn To Swim Program - you'll love it. However if you can swim freestyle a bit (perhaps 50 or 100m) but not very well then we'd recommend you take a look into the full Swim Smooth Coaching System, accessable from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Swim Smooth are specialists in helping beginners learn and improve their freestyle swimming. You'll find our techniques fun, inspiring and rewarding. There's no better time to learn to Swim Smooth!

Intermediate Swimmers

Study the stroke technique of the amazing Jono Van Hazel on our Catch Masterclass Program

Improving your open water swimming is a huge passion at Swim Smooth. This is one of our training bases in The Lake District, UK.

Are you a swimmer or triathlete who wants to swim faster? You can swim freestyle but want to improve your stroke technique? You're in the right place! Swim Smooth are experts at helping you improve your freestyle technique and focusing you on the right sort of fitness training.

Have a browse through the intermediate section of our famous Know-How area right here on the site. There's loads of free articles answering all the basics about good stroke technique and how to approach your swimming.

Covered in depth are:

The last two years the whole Swim Smooth team has been beavering away on a very special new coaching product for swimmers like yourself: The Swim Smooth Coaching System. It's an intelligent virtual coach leading you through exactly what you need to do to improve your swimming - you'll be blown away by the quality and depth of the coaching content!

The best selling Swim Smooth Book is also a great place to start, packed with advice and methods to develop all aspects of your swimming. It's the best selling swimming book in the world in fact.

Something you'll soon become aware of is that we don't believe in a ‘technique only’ approach. The swimmers who make the largest improvements and are those who strike the balance between fitness, training and open water skills: The Three Keys. Please don't become a swimming ‘technique hermit’ - it's a misguided approach and very bad for your swimming! We'll show you how to strike the right balance between the three so you take some large strides forwards.

Welcome to Swim Smooth!


You may be a strong swimmer but our mission is to make you even faster.

Swimming companies don't tailor to strong swimmer's needs right? Wrong - we do!

We work with elite athletes day-in day-out at our coaching base in Perth, Australia. In fact many elite triathletes travel to Perth to work with our Head Coach Paul Newsome and improve their swimming. Paul himself is an elite open water swimmer and won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2013.

So unlike many coaches out there we have real expertise and experience in improving elite athletes. That's why our coaching program is seamless from beginner to elite - which means that Swim Smooth won't move you on a little and then leave you on a plateau. We keep moving you forwards as you continue to improve.

Need to tidy up your stroke technique a bit or tune into that ellusive feel for the water? Check out our award winning coaching program Catch Masterclass, available on DVD or our on-line coaching tool The Swim Smooth Coaching System.

If you're serious about improving we'd highly recommend the full coaching system to you - containing elite level coaching on stroke technique, training plans and open water skills, it's got everything you need to hit those lofty goals of yours.

Some articles not to miss right here on the website:

Improving your coaching is a major passion of ours

Much of what we do at Swim Smooth, for instance our Swim Type System, helps you see swimming from a different angle.


Swim Smooth's over-riding goal is to lift the standard of swim coaching worldwide. We do that through our own work, coaching swimmers directly, but we also see educating coaches as a critical part of that mission.

To that end you'll find a lot of materials on this website aimed at improving your skills as a coach. You'll find the coaches area here.

Don't miss:

  • The Swim Smooth Blog is the source of all our latest coaching advice and releases. It has a huge following amoungst coaches (4950 at the last count!) - signup here: www.feelforthewater.com
  • We host a coaching network on a private area of our forum. This allows us to share our knowledge and experiences with other coaches. If you are a coach or a prospective coach, get involved today!
  • Don't miss the SS Stroke Hierarchy article - it explains the ethos behind our stroke correction philosophy.

If you have ambitions to go on and become a Swim Smooth Coach then make sure you've joined the coaches network and when we announce dates for our 3-day course make sure you apply. We select the best candidates from that course to go on and train to be certified. Full training is a major commitment and takes around a year.

The Swim Smooth Squads

The heartbeat of Swim Smooth's coaching is our booming squad setup in Perth, Western Australia. Operated by our Head Coach Paul Newsome, we have over 400 swimmers of all ability levels training regularly with us. Unlike many other coaching "gurus’ Paul and the rest of the Swim Smooth intensely coach squads and individuals day in, day out.

A big hello from the Swim Smooth Squads!

In fact counting back over just the last 3 years Paul has also personally performed over 5,273 video analysis and stroke correction sessions in Perth! You can see a video summary of that here:

Together with our international clinics and coach-education work this creates a unique 'engine-room' of coaching which allows us to deliver you the innovative and supremely effective coaching system that is Swim Smooth.

If you're ever in Perth come down to Claremont Pool and say hello! If you live in Perth and are interested in joining the squads then find out more information here.

If you're lucky enough to live near to a Swim Smooth Coach, why not join their local squad? Whilst we can't guarantee the sunshine (unfortunately!) we do guarantee the same great coaching for your own swimming.

Swim Smooth!

contact swim smooth


swim smooth on facebook


swim smooth on twitter


the swim smooth forum


the swim smooth blog

SS Blog

The following governing bodies for sport use Swim Smooth Coaching:

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Thousands of coaches the world over follow our coaching philosophy and methods. Jump on board yourself here.

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